Junior srl – Technical Office

Every new project has just one goal: to fulfil the production requirements customized for every client and to optimize the material consumption and the production cycles according to the technical specification received from our client.

The technical office realizes a complete digital definition of the product in a totally 3D environment, by substituting the traditional drawing with the 3D Model as unique source of information.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies for simulation and feasibility analysis, for dies layout and design we are able to deliver our dies rapidly, efficiently and with the utmost quality.

Some of the software we use: VISI Modelling, VISI Progress, VISI Machining, Siemens NX.

Technical Office

1. Price request and feasibility analysis

Receipt of 2D/3D part data and technical requirement of the die to produce
feasibility analysis and elaboration of a tool layout

2. Offer sending by Junior

Elaboration of the offer according to the layout designed and to the technical requirements received

3. Purchase order

Reception of the order documentation

4. Design

Design of the die according to the technical specification and transmission to the customer for approval

5. Design approval and material purchasing

Following the receipt of the official design approval, material and standard elements are ordered

6. Die production

The dies is concretely manufactured – CNC milling, hardening, wire erosion, grinding, assembly

7. Die testing

The die is tested in automatic mode in our internal press department with the production of pre-series samples with measurement report

8. Die delivery and installation

Delivery of the die after official approval by the customer during the die testing and installation at customer’s plant if requested

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Junior srl – The production of progressive and transfer dies

Our core business is the design and manufacturing of progressive and transfer dies for cold forming of metal sheet mainly in the automotive and household appliances sectors.

Taking advantage of an extremely technological production process, our dies stand out for quality, precision and long-lasting life. 

We are very competitive in the production of medium-big size dies (mm 5.000 x 1.800 x 1.300) which are tested internally in our press department with hydraulic and mechanical presses from 200 to 1400 ton press force.

The utmost care and attention to the detail, the continuous research for new solutions and ideas and the quality of the materials used are the base of the resulting excellence of our dies that allows Junior to stand out not only in Italy, but worldwide.

Progressive dies
Transfer dies
Manual dies

Junior srl and Industry 4.0

More than 40 years of history and experience in the cold forming of metal sheet make Junior your ideal partner for design and production of progressive dies, transfer dies and manualdies in sectors such as automotive, household appliances and heating systems.

Junior is a synonym for competence, precision, reliability, quality but above all passion.

All elements that enable us to face the challenges of a global market and to increase the customer loyalty whose satisfaction is always our priority.

The constant evolution and the technological innovation are implemented in the project “Industry 4.0” with the interconnection of the management systems, production ERP and state of the art machine tools, making it possible to verify in real time the progress of the project and to guarantee the maximum efficiency in terms of time and cost.

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